Frequency panel shell power mobile signal amplifier home single piece mini helium board

Type: 5g signal booster
Place of Origin: Gansu, China
Network: wifi, 4g, GSM, 3G
single multi-band: Tri-band
Coverage area:: 500-1500m²(Need bigger, contact us)
frequency band: customizable
Gain: 70dB(Need bigger, contact us)
Output Power: 20dbm(Need bigger, contact us)
Single product weight: 3.5kg
material: Aluminum alloy
Specification: American/Europe/British/Australian/Chinese
heat dissipation: powerful
color: Black(customizable)



frequency band
Upstream parameters
Downlink parameters
900 1800 2100
880-915 1710-1785 1920-1980
925-960 1805-1880 2110-2170
800 1800 2100
830-840 1710-1785 1920-1980
875-855 1805-1880 2110-2170
1800 2100 2600
1710-1785 1920-1980 2500-2570
1805-1880 2110-2170 2620-2690
800 900 1800
830-840 880-915 1710-1785
875-855 925-960 1805-1880
If you need more power and larger area, and other frequency bands, please contact us

New high power signal booster with manual adjustment settings, LED smart display, ideal solution for small and medium businesses and home users. It connects the donor and service antennas via coaxial cables. The donor antenna is placed outside the building, which can easily receive base station signals, and the service antenna is placed inside the building, which can extend the wireless coverage to blind spots. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) avoids oversaturation of amplifier power to maintain high voice quality and avoid interference to the network. It’s good looking, and its ultra-compact design makes it attractive too. In addition, its easy-to-install feature allows individual customers to install by themselves without excessive expertise and instruments. Improved cell phone calls have no negative impact on human health.

standard packaging:
1) 1 power adapter
2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/South Africa/China standard, etc.) 1
3) 1 mounting kit
4) 1 User Manual

Recommended accessories:

1) Receiving antenna: logarithmic antenna
2) Service Antenna: Multiple Suction Cup Antennas
3) Cable (optional cable length)
Contact us for additional accessories

Product Usage

Compared with ordinary signal boosters, a single high-power can cover more locations, just need to install more suction cup antennas and splitters


Extend signal coverage and fill signal dead spots where signal is weak or unavailable. Indoor: hotels, homes,
basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots, shops, etc.


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