RTS custom Empty case with 3g rf 4g 5g single frequency network cellphone mobile gsm 4g signal booster

Type: 5g signal booster
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Network: GPRS, 4g, GSM, 3G
Frequency: 800/850/900/EGSM900/1800/1900/2100/2600
Gain: 80dB
Output Power: 30dBm
Covered area: 5000-12000m²(Different products, different coverage areas)
Single product weight: 4KG
frequency band: single frequency
Upstream parameters: 830-2500(Different specifications, different parameters)
Downstream parameters: 840-2570(Different specifications, different parameters)
Specification: American/Europe/British/Australian/Chinese
color: Black(customizable)



Signal booster explained

How to boost the signal of your electronics?

This is a question a lot of people are asking right now, and ayissmoye has a solution. A signal booster improves your network coverage.

Home Cell Phone Signal Booster FAQs

What is a signal booster and how does it work?
A signal booster improves cellular connectivity. It helps you stay connected even in areas with weak or blocked signals. The booster collects and amplifies signals from external cell towers and broadcasts the enhanced cellular signal for use by your cell phone and cellular-connected devices. The technology consists of three parts: 1) An external antenna, usually mounted on a building roof, pulls the signal from a nearby cell tower to the booster. 2) The Booster receives and amplifies the signal, and sends the boosted signal to the internal antenna. 3) Internal antenna broadcasts amplified signal for use by your smartphone and other cellular enabled devices.
Why do I need a signal booster? If you have a dedicated office, there are many reasons why you need the best signal booster. Working in an office has its advantages, but also potential disadvantages. How many times have you been on an important conference call only to be interrupted at a key point in the call? How many times would you ask another person to repeat what they just said before you start to feel uncomfortable? With everyone else at work and school, you may face interpersonal challenges. Our signal boosters improve network quality and are ideal for most office setups. To improve cellular coverage in larger areas, our mobile signal repeaters can cover all of your rooms.
Why is the signal at home bad? When you are at home, your cell phone signal should be very clear. But building materials, trees or blocks in rural areas or even geographic locations can hinder your mobile service. ayissmoye’s home cell phone signal booster ensures that you don’t have to look for a signal anymore. Browse ayissmoye’s range of signal amplifiers to find the one that best meets your specific needs.
What is a signal booster? Home cellular signal boosters amplify the signal from cell towers and distribute the boosted cellular signal throughout your home so you can experience better cellular service indoors. There is a kit for each booster. The kit includes an external cell phone antenna designed for the home, a booster unit and an internal antenna. These three components are connected together via the provided coaxial cable to give you the best possible signal.
How to choose the right signal booster for me? An important aspect of choosing a cell phone signal booster for your venue is the size of your space. Do you need to boost the signal for the entire venue, or just a room or two? The bigger your space, the more powerful your signal booster needs to be. Our high power provides full venue coverage so everyone can stay connected. Learn more about finding the right signal amplifier for your venue here.
How do I install a signal booster for my premises? Very simple, fool-like operation, no complicated process required, contact us and send you a simple installation video
It connects the donor antenna and the service antenna through a coaxial cable. The donor antenna is placed outside the building, which can easily receive the base station signal, and the service antenna is placed in the building, which can extend the wireless coverage to the blind area. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) avoids oversaturation of amplifier power to maintain high voice quality and avoid interference to the network. It’s nice looking and ultra-compact design also make it attractive. In addition, its easy-to-install feature allows individual customers to install by themselves, without requiring too much professional knowledge and instruments. Improved cell phone calls have no negative impact on human health.
standard packaging:
1) 1 power adapter
2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/South Africa/China standard, etc.) 1
3) 1 mounting kit
4) 1 User Manual
Recommended accessories:
1) Receiving antenna: logarithmic antenna
2) Service Antenna: Multiple Suction Cup Antennas
3) Cable (optional cable length)
Contact us for additional accessories
Product Usage
Compared with ordinary signal boosters, a single high-power can cover more locations, just need to install more suction cup antennas and splitters

application: Extend signal coverage and fill signal dead spots where signal is weak or unavailable. Indoor: hotels, homes, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots, shops, etc.

Will this work for me?

A booster doesn’t create cell signal. It picks up the outside cell signal (no matter how weak) and amplifies it inside your home
for better talk, text, and data.

The effectiveness of any booster depends on the strength of the outside cell signal. With this in mind, see how much Home Complete
improves cell signal coverage in your home.


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