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Five Band Signal Booster

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Tri Band Signal Booster

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Single Band Signal Booster

Signal Booster Manufacturer

Our company is a professional engaged in the research, design, development, sale and service of mobile signal booster. we can do OEM/ODM/ drop shipping service. We have overseas warehouse in European countries, can ship out goods only within 3 days.

What is the solution to cell phone signal problems?

Nowadays, we can’t imagine life without our cell phones. Due to our constant connection, we feel uncomfortable when we leave our phones at home or if they have empty batteries. Even so, are you familiar with the situations when your phone is in your pocket and its battery is fully charged, but you cannot make a call? If so, you are definitely familiar with cell signal problems.

It may be caused by a variety of factors, including infrastructural and landscape peculiarities. However, the solution is already in place. We offer such a solution on our website. Our topic today is signal boosters for cell phones. The popularity of these devices is increasing rapidly. There is no doubt about it! The majority of people in our society don’t want to tolerate weak cell phone reception and are willing to use special tools to improve it.

Signal boosters can be installed in buildings (houses, apartments, offices, public places), as well as in vehicles (cars and boats). Boosters for cell phones are complete sets in themselves. The signal booster box of each of these devices works in conjunction with two antennas. Every phone booster kit includes a signal booster box as its main component. The purpose of it is to improve a poor signal. The signal must first be captured by one antenna before a booster box can receive it. In the second step, it should be improved and then distributed. The elements of a phone booster set work closely together as you can see. The antennas of a network signal booster are connected to the booster box via cables.

Our catalog contains different models of highly effective signal boosters that can be used to boost signals transmitted by a wide range of cell service providers.

When you have cell signal problems, your main responsibility is to decide which type of signal your cell phone booster should improve and what area it should cover.

We aim to provide you with the best signal booster for cell phones ever!

About signal booster

Unfortunately, there are still no signal in some places, for example:

  • Parking lots,tunnels
  • Big store
  • Car,boats,office building
  • House in remote area

What will be changed when using this products?

  • A cheap and immediate solution that would allow them have clear phone calls or higher speed broad band;
  • No more dropped calls! No more poor reception!
  • No more running to the windows or going outside to talk on your mobile phone;
  • Now you can reach everywhere with signal boosters;


Q1. Can I get samples before bulk ordering?
A: Yes, we provide samples of all models, but you need to pay the shipping cost.

Q2. What if I don’t know the frequency in my country?
A: Please feel free to contact us, we will find the frequency you need and solve your problem.

Q3. Do you accept OEM/ODM orders?
A: Yes, we can and we have many years of experience in customizing brand logos, colors and frequencies.

Q4. Shipping date
A: 3-5 working days for samples
<20 pieces 7-15 days
20-50 pieces 15-24 days
>50 Negotiations

Q5: Sample delivery date for DHL/FedEx
A: US/Canada/Europe/Asia 3-5 days
Middle East/Latin America 5-7 days
Africa 3-7 days

Q6. Payment method
A: T/T, Western Union, Paypal and Credit Card are available,
But we recommend paying through Alibaba Trade Assurance, which is the most favorable and safe method.
*Other methods please contact us for more details.

Q7. Others
A: (1) Frequency
We can customize single/dual/triple/quad/penta frequency for mobile phone signals such as 2G/3G/4G (GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS/WCDMA/LTE, etc.)
(2) Output power & coverage area
Output power coverage area
20dBm 500-1500m²
23dBm 1500-2500m²
25dBm 2500-4000m²
27dBm 3000-5000m²
30dBm 5000-8000m²

*The coverage is related to the local signal strength, please contact us according to the local situation, we can provide the best solution.

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