Flarm Booster

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Boost the performance of your Helium Miner with our FLARM Booster

With a Helium Flarm Booster, you can compensate your losses and start earning real money right away.

Everything you need to know about increasing the incoming signal and reaching more hotspots.

FLARM Booster Helium Amplifier: What Is It?

FLARM Boosters dramatically increase Helium Miner performance. FLARM Boosters are Helium Amplifiers that can increase your Helium Miner’s signal strength and range by 32 times, allowing you to witness many more Helium Hotspots.

The Helium Network sends signals through radio waves, as you probably already know. LoRaBand is a very low frequency band in which these radio waves operate. Signals can travel a very long distance, but are easily weakened by obstacles such as walls, trees and mountains.

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